You guys are the best @lizziebatchelar & @rozziebatchelar ❤️my cake. Nandos, beats, G Wagon, vegas! Big love xxx http://t.co/LAT9VSVYDy

@LynxGolfUK @ubiquitouswoman @dannycare @QuinsRugbyUnion thanks soo much look forward to receiving it.

@ubiquitouswoman @dannycare @LynxGolfUK @QuinsRugbyUnion thanks for coming down was lovely to see you guys

@NickWheeler_ here he is! How are u son? X

@rexgoldsmith this lot make you and I look positively cultured!

Channel 4s is currently exhibiting the naffest people in Surrey. #PoshPawn

.@TWIA_Official Gates open at 17:45 tomorrow so plenty of time to come and enjoy the atmosphere before kick-off.

@JC_9312 if you come to the Ticket Office by Gate 3 we will have forms there for you.

The ticket office is closed for the evening but buy/renew membership online and go in a draw to win a signed jersey! http://t.co/9Vg0lTaBRY

@JC_9312 I’m afraid not. if you’re coming to the game tomorrow we can do it then?

@vaselby Thanks for your comment, no panic here! We are working hard to get the best packages out there for our supporters. #WeAreQuins

Harlequins Launches 2014/15 Membership #WeAreQuins http://t.co/NslAqiUpvh

Big thanks to @BeccaCEvans for recommending @Uber to me! Had my first ride last night, driver was a legend. #UberLife

@TxtDrive blues went well unlucky not to win, but left a few tries out there.

Jason and the Argonauts BBC2. Special Effects haven’t come on that much since 1963!#whooooop😂😂😂

Harlequins team to play Leicester Tigers http://t.co/o6jEPSrv3H
 @Chris_Brooker216 Apr

Good to get a run out with the young lads lots of talent on show. And a great win. #shagsassemble
 @kdickson916 Apr

Just watched Noah at the cinema, one word Gash. #awfulmovie
 @thegoatman516 Apr

@Alf_Turner @EagleRadioBiz @tri_grenadier sounds good, look forward to it! Well done 👏👏👏
 @JayVJohnston16 Apr

S/o 2 @henryfraser0 with his awesome speech “Pushing Myself” about his accident & after. Incredible story #respect http://t.co/FRe2wkXeHv
 @ugomonye16 Apr

Getting a dog this summer! Buzzing! Suggestions pls/puppy pics welcome x
 @kdickson916 Apr

@samuelhopkins12 a lot of controversy but got to trust the guys.
 @ugomonye16 Apr

@ClaireSweet1 @charliejnwalker the classic dog walking tekkers!
Lovely day to be hitting a few balls at the range http://t.co/mcDADPi6re
 @QuinsRugbyUnion16 Apr

@lukey_wallace showing off his skills but come down Friday to see real jugglers and let the boys do what they do best http://t.co/aDsEcHyAel
 @QuinsRugbyUnion16 Apr

Conrgatulations to @mikebrown_15 who has won the @GatoradeUK Game Changer Award #MidusTouch
 @QuinsRugbyUnion16 Apr

An Evening with the Harlequins Chief Executive & Chairman http://t.co/p9JhVaV4fT