Not only good to drink but looks good too!! #coffee #candle #cribs http://t.co/78sLqZKrVv

@PendredMMA @buckstownhouse that clip got me so fired up!!!

@fergmcfadden @MikeTyson the style was impectious, defence was impregnable… Praise be to Allah #champ

@bigwill_sunn 20x110kg- thanks for coming
 @ProperChurch21 Apr

#PugPhotoBomb nice evening stroll @ Clontarf Seafront http://t.co/28aLFSpht2
Thanks to all medics at the game and Glasgow west infirmary. heart back to normal and heading home. Cheers for the kind messages
 @StephenFerris621 Apr

@kmagill13 hahaa. This is true
 @MikeRoss0321 Apr

@Nocky82 no problem at all, glad to help
 @chrishenry67821 Apr

@MikeMcKeever12 @TommyBowe14 easy does it now Mikey! Tommy is a good few years older than us we have plenty of time left…
 @StephenFerris621 Apr

@ChipcoJim haven’t been down yet mate. Local knowledge yesterday from Laura saved us and we got in sweet.
 @StephenFerris621 Apr

Id say some amount of people wasted hours of their life sitting in traffic yesterday on route to Portrush!!! 🚙🚗🚕🚙🚗🚕🚙🚗🚕🚙🚗🚕
 @ProperChurch20 Apr

No Easter egg from @Holly0910 today…. #ouch #BadBooks
 @ProperChurch20 Apr

@vtjmurray @LahinchGolfClub just the one, happy with that!
 @ProperChurch20 Apr

Just saw a man cycling along wearing a motorbike helmet… #NextLevelSafety
 @StephenFerris620 Apr

@lissamccully good to meet ya. Catch up again soon
 @StephenFerris620 Apr

Thanks to everyone involved in @CircuitIreland yesterday. Me and Jimmy McRae had a great time on all the stages http://t.co/hcBj8BvdxO
 @StephenFerris620 Apr

Monkfish hot pot with selection of salads @RamorePortrush was outrageously good. #Ramoring
 @MikeRoss0319 Apr

@sohobarcork no problem, thanks very much for looking after me!
 @ProperChurch19 Apr

What a week for clontarf to win the league! Simply sensational!!!
 @StephenFerris619 Apr

@krismeeke @CircuitIreland @UlsterRugby good to meet ya. Best of luck and hopefully see you again soon
 @SeanCronin219 Apr

First trip to kilkee in a long time http://t.co/bHL92ewpsZ