Any hook ups for a comp ticket to Leeds v St Helens on Saturday afternoon?

@ADavies_10 @mikedenbee is that Tyrion of house Lannister??

Great night with this guy @mikedenbee and all his mates ……👀 http://t.co/iqo2K4k4BB

What you have to do for a lie in when you have a dog that can open doors #barricade http://t.co/wzve3OUaID

@andytitterrell @ben_pienaar don’t listen to Andy!! Now you know…. #2weeksandimin

Every time I ask my girl what she wants to eat. #funny 😂 http://t.co/HAdeQlfw9Y

Travel to watch London Welsh in chauffeur driven style! http://t.co/eATYt2peH7 http://t.co/sZc7kUYy3k

@RobinsonWill10 feel bad for calling you soft now.😳 #myback get well soon brother

@simmonsjourno my pleasure. Good to meet you.
 @bateman_g23 Apr

Last minute social 👀 no babies yet!
 @simonwhatling23 Apr

one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by http://t.co/ChDyXDrK1e
 @bateman_g22 Apr

best worst night, ever
 @mikedenbee22 Apr

@CaiGriffiths @IeanM you watched the last 15 minutes after I had to endure 2.5hrs of you losing at battlefield #28shitplayers 🎣
 @Millzyneath22 Apr

Another evening and another person kicked from the Shlads @nickscott1306 #sorrynotsorry
 @sonnytoiparker22 Apr

@JackladDavies just messaged a friend that lives there. Hopefully he comes back fast. He is Italian though #alwaystomorrow 😩🇮🇹
 @ADavies_1022 Apr

@mattwilldavis7 no worrys mate hope you enjoyed it best of luck with the rugby
 @mikedenbee22 Apr

@CaiGriffiths mate check out the green tea and raw organic bars @REVFOODS supposed to be insane #fitfam
 @edjackson822 Apr

@elliotdaly glad to see your afternoon is as productive as mine http://t.co/sJsXitm2ut
 @DWGeorge8622 Apr

Glad to see @FreddieBurns in a good mood at training today. Wonder if @jess_impiazzi has anything to with it? #AlwaysSingingLoveSongs
 @sonnytoiparker22 Apr

@Al_Awcock @ryan_shahin 👀 I remember. Team social 😳
 @sonnytoiparker22 Apr

@ryan_shahin @Al_Awcock Yes!!! Bottom left 🚬😂
 @sonnytoiparker22 Apr

The best wraps in Richmond are definetly found @BeirutStKitchen #lebanese #ovenbakedbread #fresh 😊 http://t.co/gyLRAtLgR6
 @Millzyneath22 Apr

Fellaini must be so worried
 @bateman_g22 Apr

Very sad news about @nigelhanks lovely bloke fellow @SpursOfficial fan whose time has unfortunately ended too soon #GoodLuck
 @SebbyJ1022 Apr

@NaomiJMills oh nightmare. You ok??? Talk to me..