@DannyCipriani87 good to see you last night bud

This journey is killing me it’s bastxxx Baltic on here

Happy Easter to all of our followers. Don’t forget to share your chocolate with @SwannyMediaMan

@charlotteS20 floss and flossy

@LeeJarvis10 come on mate you got better banter than that !!! You ok bud?

@MickyMc88 feeling it mick well done the other day you boys look good #doubleagain

They call him the White Tiger…. http://t.co/Dri9PNmXvB

3 diazipans I’m sorted let’s get the trip underway #zombie

Looking forward to watch a bit of welsh rugby going back to the gods country . #JudgementDay

Here we go Stockport to Cardiff can’t wait for this train journey it’s going to be the best 4 hours of my life #mikeyrayeralldayer

Lads delivered yesterday we are guaranteed 6th place at least & a European place. Have you got your new season ticket? Phone 08444 994 994


@timpayne_1 schnits in vitz in Heiden vie zen in gluten globen in dirt in boxen

Happy Easter mr and mrs miss bunny 🔮

@FGabbitass happy birthday pal! Can’t wait for #glastonbury2k14 with sat old millfieldian cricket! #mess
@JIP2EZY @JayVJohnston haha actually the last 2 years uce. Alofa atu

@henrythomas105: Phewwwwwww!! Thank god I didn’t get another yellow!!! :) ” thank god

Phewwwwwww!! Thank god I didn’t get another yellow!!! :)

@Marc_jones2 @DannyCipriani87 my name is Daniel desimus meridius and I will have my vengeance

@DannyCipriani87 win the crowd for your freedom!! Haha

Great result, great travelling fans, thank you, wish @tbrady14 would give it a rest about @Reel_Jen already #lovesthecam
@JayVJohnston haha cheers uce. First time in a while #Aaaaaaiiiia

@MaccRUFC you guys didn’t even play today did you? Next week?

Top effort today by the boys!!!! 5 away wins on the bounce! Shame no Benidorm trip next year @Marc_jones2! #🍻🍺🍻 🚍

With good reason though, some twat stole his watch and phone from @cliftonrugby

Amazing work from the boys, we’ll remember this win for a while. This guy still can’t crack a smile ha @Dwaynepeel81 http://t.co/ClmZWKaO1F